R. Falkvinge on the Power of Narrative

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If you’re holding the Power of Narrative, you don’t need money ever again in your entire life; you could literally be a walking god among men, at least as far as they’re concerned. The Power of Narrative, the ability to tell other people what is true and false, that’s the greatest power that has ever existed in any society of people, from savannah-tribe size and up . . .

The established newsmedia genuinely believe they still hold this power, like they did fifty years ago. They had it before the Internet. They’re built, constructed, and defined around an institutional belief that they hold the Power of Narrative, and they are institutionally incapable of unlearning holding that power. Therefore, when the established newsmedia paints a coherent, unified picture, and something inconsistent with that unified picture happens in the world, the established newsmedia believe the world is broken.

Rick Falkvinge: «Elections, the Internet, and the Power of Narrative» in Privacy News Online ; Los Angeles : London Trust Media, 2016-11-10 (excerpt La Litera información)

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